Au Fond Farmtable (CLOSED)

I love the grits!

The best item to get at Au Fond Farmtable is the cheese grits. I usually get it with scrambled eggs and bacon (which is also pretty good), and it all goes well together. The grits are thick, buttery and creamy, which is great for dipping eggs, bacon and sausage. Even the biscuits, which are average, tastes great when dipped in the grits. With grits this good, I'm anxious to try Au Fond's shrimp and grits (I've heard they're great as well).
Au Fond Farmtable is a great value given the quality of food that it serves. The scrambled eggs special that I usually get costs a little over $6.50, not including tip. Compared to other places that charge more for lower quality, it's one of the best deals in town.


Was originally posted on Urbanspoon on July 12, 2010

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