Cozy Corner

Best BBQ Ribs in Memphis!

The barbecue ribs are, in my opinion, the best in Memphis, by far. Much better than Rendezvous, Corky's, Neely's and all the other better known barbecue joints in the city. The meat is tender and juicy (as in greasy), smothered in BBQ sauce. The sauce choices are either "mild" or "HOT" (caution: the "HOT" is hotter than many Thai pepper sauces I've had; it brings the heat). The sides that Cozy Corner offers are coleslaw, baked beans, corn and barbecue spaghetti, the latter being quite delicious (more so than the often-mentioned Neely's spaghetti dish).
As for Cozy Corner's other entrées, they are okay. In fact, I have never had a bad meal in all the years that I've eaten there. My only criticisms of the place are the wait times (about 20 minutes; however, wait times have been cut to ten minutes since it reopened after the fire it sustained in 2016), the inability to phone-in orders (A problem that has been fixed) and their 5:00 P.M. closing time (since writing this, I've heard that the hours have been extended to 9:00 P.M.). However, the barbecue ribs are so delicious that I don't mind putting up with these inconveniences, and will always be a loyal customer.

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The Wings Are Great Too!

Cozy Corner's barbecue wings are smoked to perfection, which doesn't mean "fall off the bone" tenderness. In my opinion, the taste and texture of the wings are very similar to Cozy Corner's ribs even though they are different types of meat. And like the ribs, the wings are smothered in one of Cozy Corner's signature barbecue sauces, "Hot" or "Mild." My personal preference is the sweet taste of the mild sauce but for those looking for heat, Cozy Corner's hot BBQ sauce can definitely provide that. I could be wrong, but I believe that Cozy's hot sauce is comparable to some Thai pepper sauces that I've had in terms of heat intensity. The wings, which are prepared as whole pieces, come with a slice of white bread and one side. Among the side items offered, I really like the barbecue spaghetti. The wings also come with a cup of ranch dressing but I can't imagine anyone dipping barbecue in that, especially when it's the quality of Cozy Corner. To sum it up, Cozy Corner's wings are great and it's as good as its BBQ ribs that I've been a longtime fan of.

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