Chicago'z Fast Foods (CLOSED)

For the price, a decent Philly cheesesteak

For the price ($5.77, which included fries) the Philly cheesesteak was pretty good. Not nearly as meaty as Lenny's or South Philly's (which went out of business), but good enough to make for a satisfying lunch.
I haven't tried much else on the menu, although I did get a chance to taste some of it's hot wings. The wings were average when comparing them to the numerous other wing joints in Memphis, so if I didn't live nearby, I would probably go elsewhere (as in a safer neighborhood) to get wings of a similar quality. I'm not trying to "knock" Chicago'z hot wings, I'm just saying they aren't unique.
By the way, even though it has "fast foods" in it's title, you might want to call ahead if you're in a hurry to get your order. I believe it took between ten to fifteen minutes before I got my orders, which wasn't too bad.

Was originally posted on Urbanspoon on July 4, 2010

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