Jerry's Sno Cone

A Great Little Cheeseburger

The cheeseburger at Jerry's Sno Cones is really good, almost as good as Sweden Kream. Jerry's Sno Cones' burger isn't as meaty, salty or messy as Sweden Kream's, although the last two descriptions could be seen as a good thing when seeing it from a health and cleanliness perspective. By the way, I like my burgers a little (but not too much) salty.
The latter was important, because as I was returning home, I got caught at a railroad crossing which forced me to eat in my car. To my surprise, the burger held up well, and for me (a messy eater), I was impressed. I could never eat a Sweden Kream burger that way, because it is usually greasier, something that I also like.

Overall, the Jerry's Sno Cones burger, which I believe consists of a quarter-pound of beef as opposed to Sweden Kream's third-pounder, is a great burger. The cheeseburger, along with French fries and a soda, can satisfy the hunger of most. The meat in Jerry's cheeseburger is lean and mildly seasoned, producing a taste that is on par with the best burger joints in Memphis. Along with toppings like lettuce, mayo and mustard, Jerry's cheeseburger is a treat to eat.
By the way, the service was punctual, for I got it within the time (ten minutes) that it was promised when I phoned it in. This is much better than Sweden Kream's thirty-minute wait time; the two places are in the same neighborhood. On a scale of five, I will give the Jerry's Sno Cones' cheeseburger a "4" rating. It's a good burger that most will enjoy.

NOTE: Jerry's Sno Cone is CASH ONLY, so hit an ATM before going there.


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