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Loved the Yebeg Tibes

Last Saturday, I had a hankering for something African, so I decided to try Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant. Actually, Abyssinia wasn't my first choice, but after a bad experience at Gereny where I couldn't get a menu (while seeing another table get first-class treatment), I wanted to get my African fix somewhere else. Fortunately, Abyssinia was nearby, and I was treated more respectfully there, in addition to feasting on a great meal.
After looking over the menu of Ethiopian dishes, couldn't decide on what to order. I asked my server for a suggestion, to which she replied by asking what did I prefer. When I told her I wanted something with lamb, she insisted that I try the Yebeg Tibes, a stir fried lamb dish that was a little more expensive than most of the other entrées on the menu. By the way, Marks Menus needs to update Abyssinia's menu. Most of the menu items were a dollar higher than what's listed on its website. Despite the price, the entrée is huge, consisting of a half a pound of diced lamb sautéed with onions and awaze (a spicy Ethiopian sauce) and two side items, cabbage and a mix of greens and carrots, and all of it is placed on top of a sheet of the restaurant's homemade Injera bread. The spiciness of the lamb was medium, not overwhelming which for me was perfect. I hate it when restaurants cook food that is too spicy, because it's hard to enjoy when it's like that. Although it was a huge meal, I managed to put it all down with the help of a bottle of Red Stripe beer, a great complement for this dish.
In all, I really enjoyed dining at Abyssinia, for the food was great and the service was both hospitable and helpful, two keys for a successful business. If Gereny aspires to be successful, it should follow this example.

Website: www.AbyssiniaMemphis.com

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