Quiznos (CLOSED)

It's fine (even after nine)

Tonight, I stopped at the Mapco Mart on Poplar and Belvedere to grab a Quiznos sandwich. Now I normally wouldn't comment on this, given that most people have had Quiznos' sub sandwiches, but I wanted to give kudos to lady who waited on me. When I arrived, it was a little after 9:00 P.M., which is when the Quiznos counter closes. However, the lady hooked me up and I appreciated it.
For most places (at least in Memphis, anyway), the closing time isn't really the last point when a customer can place a food order. Because of the requirements needed to shut down and clean a kitchen, most restaurants "jump the gun" and stop taking orders well before closing time. As a consumer, I hate that, especially when I drive across town to dine. I believe that a restaurant's closing time should be just that, and if it can't maintain it's operations up to that time, then close earlier. At the very least, it should announce when the kitchen stops taking orders, so customers will know ahead of time and plan accordingly.
Again, I want to thank the lady working the Quiznos counter for taking my order. Of course, this isn't always the case, for I once was refused service there by another woman who said that she couldn't (or wouldn't) work past her shift, and her relief didn't show up. However, on average, the service at this Quiznos is pretty good.
By the way, the sandwich (a large Roast Beef and Cheddar) was okay by Quiznos' standards. The Beef and Cheddar Sub from QuiznosAlso, because I was in a convenience store, I got a 24 oz. can of Bud Light which went nicely with my sub. Overall, it was a good dining experience, although I will try to get there earlier next time.

NOTE: Picture taken from BrandEating.com

Website: www.quiznos.com

UPDATE: Quiznos has since literally left the building, replaced by a Krispy Krunchy Chicken franchise.

ANOTHER NOTE: If you're a Memphian who is really yearning for Quiznos, the closet one is in Downtown Nashville inside the Peabody Corner Marketplace.

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