Revive Energy Bar (CLOSED)

A Cool Place for Breakfast (or a late night snack)

Today, I stopped by Revive Energy Bar, located inside Minglewood Plaza, home of the music hall of the same name. I heard about this place through blogs such as iLoveMemphis and Hungry Memphis and decided to try it out for myself. The first thing that stuck me when I went inside was the decor of the place. In describing it, I'll use a a quote from iLoveMemphis: "The space is bright, clean and modern. There are a handful of tables, clusters of couches and several bar seats near the windows." I found the atmosphere to be very relaxing, especially given that I was the only person dining there. With the many events that Minglewood Hall hosts, I'm sure that Revive has bigger crowds at night.
As for the food, I limited myself to the "endless" cereal bar that offers a variety of cereals ranging from Corn Flakes to sugary cereals like Fruit Loops and Frosted Mini Wheat. All of the cereals offered are stored in jars mounted on a wall, with dispensers attached at the bottom. Mixing of different cereals is encouraged, and candy and fruit toppings are available if a diner wants to sweeten it up a bit. As for the cereal bar being "endless," that is not quite true. Although the cereal bar is "all you can eat," getting the milk to go with it is not. After the initial cost ($4) for the cereal buffet that includes milk, getting additional bottles of milk cost two dollars each. So unless Revive assumes that most people eat their cereal dry, the "endless" tag is a little misleading. Still, I enjoyed it (along with a bottle of chocolate milk) and I was able to work on a few things with my laptop using Revive's free WiFi.
Revive also offers a nice selection of coffees and juices, but other than the chocolate milk that I had, I can't comment on the quality of their beverages. However, I can say that for my first experience of the place, I was impressed and I intend to visit it again soon (hopefully after a concert).


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