All About Dem Wangs (CLOSED)

All About That Taste

In searching for new places to get Buffalo wings, I decided to give "All About Dem Wangs" a try. The place is on the corner of Elvis Presley Blvd. and South Parkway in a not-too-terrible neighborhood, although the inside of the restaurant looked really shabby. With all the tables being dirty, I changed my mind about eating there and opted for take out. For my order, I went with ten whole wings flavored with "Regular Hot" sauce with fries and blue cheese dressing. I was shocked that the dressing wasn't watery, which I find all too often in places like this. The wings were somewhat crispy and the hot sauce had just enough spiciness to get one's attention. In terms of taste, the wings are slightly better than average, so I wouldn't drive across town to eat there. However, it's not a bad choice to go with if you're in the neighborhood.

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