Stevana Banana's Delicious Shaved Ice (CLOSED)

If you're in the vicinity of the University of Memphis and yearning for a way to cool off, going with a cup of shaved ice (AKA a snow cone) from Stevana Banana's Delicious Shaved Ice is a great way to do it. Located in the Z Highland Street Market parking lot on 628 S. Highland Street, near Southern Avenue, Stevana (a former Flying Saucer Girl) sells cups in three sizes: small ($2), medium ($3) and large (a 16 oz. cup, $5). Flavors (26 of them) range from Strawberry to Cotton Candy to Butter Popcorn, so depending on your taste, you're likely covered. In addition to the numerous flavors, Stevana also offers the option of adding Half-and-Half cream to any cup of shaved ice, which I tried for the first time and got great satisfaction from it.

UPDATE (September 14, 2013): Stevana added hot dogs to the menu (and consequently changing her business' name to Stevana Banana's Delicious Food Cart). Featuring Nathan's ¼-pound all-beef frankfurters, the dogs ($4) can come with either gourmet relish or salsa topped on them for an extra 25 cents. To make it a meal, Stevana also sells potato chips and soda, which as a Value Meal goes for five dollars.

Stevana Banana's is open on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM during the Summer months of the year. Stevana is also working on getting access to sell at the Memphis Farmers Market and other special events. Whenever you stop by, you'll be welcomed by a lovely lady who will be very happy to serve you.

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