Roxie's Grocery (CLOSED)

The Burgers Are Really "Good!"

Last weekend, I went to Roxie's Grocery for lunch. Initially, I intended to get the Uptown Burger based on Seth's review on Best Memphis Burger but changed my mind after seeing the menu.

I chose the Mr. Good Burger based on what it consisted of: two ¼ lb. beef patties, Pepper Jack and Hoop cheeses, four slices of bacon, lettuce, grilled onions (lots of it), pickles, mayo and mustard. I might have forgotten an ingredient or two, but this burger was so huge that it overwhelmed me. It's not often that I find a hamburger that looks impressive, but Mr. Good Burger is a beauty. However, just because something looks great doesn't mean that it will taste great. With Mr. Good Burger, any doubts about it were put to rest from the moment that I took my first bite. The taste is dominated by the grilled onions in a good way, complementing the beef patties that in my opinion weren't strongly seasoned. The bacon also stood out, providing a counterbalance to the grilled onions and enhancing the flavor. The cheeses bolstered the flavor as well, which all combined makes this a really good burger.

Of course, with a burger the size of Mr. Good Burger, trying to keep it intact while eating it wasn't easy. The bun wasn't anything out of the ordinary, and it broke apart while I ate the enormous burger. Although it was messy, it was still a delight to eat that I look forward to having again soon.

Along with the burger, I chose the seasoned fries as a side (the other options are salted and something else I can't remember). The fries were decent and complemented the burger well, but it's not outstanding. The combo I got also comes with a choice of 16 oz. sodas that Roxie's keeps on display in the store (I opted for bottled water). The entire meal cost exactly $8.00 which was well worth it.

For my first experience at Roxie's Grocery, it was outstanding. The Mr. Good Burger was the best burger that I've had in awhile. It was so good that it convinced me to put Roxie's onto my list (at #1) of best burger joints in Memphis. My only complaint is that I had to get it as a "to go" order because the convenience store doesn't have a dine-in area. For some, that isn't okay because of the "sketchy" location that Roxie's is in (the Greenlaw neighborhood in Uptown). However, bad neighborhoods don't intimidate me, for the most part. It would've been convenient to dine there, but eating it at home wasn't bad (I later learned that Roxie's delivers, a service that I might use for my next order). Other than that gripe, Roxie's is a great burger joint that I look forward to visiting often.

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