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Curry In A "Breeze"

With my baby sister visiting last week, my Mom wanted to take us to dinner. Usually, that means one of two places: Houston's or Bahama Breeze (her other favorites are take-out specialists Adline's Hot Wings Express and Cozy Corner, a very underrated barbecue restaurant). This time, my mother was in a festive mood for something Caribbean. Obviously, that meant another trip to Bahama Breeze.
When we got there, I was surprised at the number of people who were there on a Tuesday night. Despite that, we were seated immediately after arriving. Once we got to our tables, our server greeted and handed us menus that were very thick. For a Caribbean-themed restaurant, Bahama Breeze has an extensive menu that appeals to almost any taste. Given that this is a chain restaurant that aims for broad appeal, that didn't surprise me. However, me and my family decided to order Caribbean. I almost deviated when I saw that sliders were on the menu, but I eventually chose the West Indies Chicken Curry. After my recent experience with the "Curry Chicken" at City Market, I was curious about how Bahama Breeze's version compared to it.

Please forgive the picture's quality. Using a crappy, low-end smartphone, I can only do so
much. Hopefully, I'll soon have a digital camera that can render better photos.

The entrée had many of the ingredients of the curry that I had a month earlier (including Basmati rice and hummus... errrr, chickpeas). However, unlike the City Market's Indian-styled version that was very spicy due to chili pepper seasoning, the West Indies Chicken Curry goes in another direction. Instead of being spicy, Bahama Breeze's dish focuses on sweetness that comes from its roasted pineapple chutney. It is dominant throughout the curry and overwhelms everything else. The curry definitely has West Indian flair that impressed me. However, I wouldn't advise anyone to get it if they never had curry before. Traditionally, it is a South Asian dish that's meant to be spicy with a lot of cumin and turmeric seasoning. Those spices are barely noticeable in Bahama Breeze's version of it, so a person would be in for a big surprise in getting the "real deal" after experiencing a taste of the islands. As it is, the West Indies Chicken Curry is really good (especially with naan flatbread) and will appeal to most, as long as they are aware of what they're getting.
Both my Mom and sister seemingly enjoyed their dinners. Mom had the Bahamian Seafood Chowder with shellfish and vegetables. While I didn't bother my mother for her thoughts about it, her facial expression conveyed immense pleasure. Although didn't taste my Mom's chowder, I managed to get a sample of my sister's Jamaican Chicken Wings. Marinated with Jerk seasoning, the whole wings were tender and very spicy. Although I wouldn't drive across town to get them (even though my sister traveled from Dallas for it), the wings made a nice impression on me. I might consider ordering them whenever I revisit Bahama Breeze. In the end, it seemed that all of us were satisfied with our meals.

SIDE NOTE: In keeping with my policy of not intruding on dining companions, I didn't take pictures of my family's dinner. In lieu of that, I've posted a photo of Bahama Breeze's Jamaican Chicken Wings from The Daily Fork. Also, I'm surprised that fellow blogger Kevin of Burn My Mouth hasn't blogged about Jerk-seasoned food. Although I don't think Bahama Breeze's wings will ignite his mouth (although it fired me up), I'm curious about his opinion on Jamaican/West Indian cuisine.

To sum it up, my family and I had another great experience at Bahama Breeze. While it will never be my cup of tea, I don't mind going there if it makes my Mom happy. With me being single, I will always favor places like Bardog Tavern that caters primarily to an adult crowd. However, if I were to "settle down" and start my own family, a place like Bahama Breeze could serve well as nice alternative from the norm. With its great atmosphere and good service (although it's Wi-Fi connection is spotty), the restaurant is capable of mass appeal. It's definitely worth checking out.


SIDE NOTE: This dinner outing later led to a discussion about Memphis restaurants and the "chain"/local debate. I subsequently wrote about my Thoughts About "Chain" Restaurants.

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