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A Cool Joint By "The Joint"

About two months ago, in the last installment of The Battle of the Downtown Memphis Sliders, I said that I would blog less often. After chilling out and clearing my head on some personal issues, I'm about ready to get back at it. In doing this, I wanted to write about something that was easy to describe. For that, I sought out a newly opened wings joint. Although some places like Buffalo Wild Wings have extensive menus, most simply offer wings and a few other items. Therefore, I only needed one visit to review its primary product for a simple no-fuss blog post. In making my decision on where to go, I chose a restaurant that I recently listed on Urbanspoon. After seeing positive reviews on Google and elsewhere, I knew that Hurricane Wings & Things (located near Memphis' infamous jail "201") was the place to go to. It turned out to be a good choice.
In the planning for my visit to Hurricane, I wanted to know about the service as it related to wait times. With other reviews pointing out the long waits for food, I called in my order in the hopes that it would be ready when I arrived. Fortunately, I didn't encounter any problems when I got there and got my food that was hot and ready to go. Actually, my plan was to dine in, for I didn't want to base my opinion on lukewarm and soggy wings. Overall, the service was great and the lady who took my order was very friendly and accommodating. That gave me a good feeling about the wings, and I wasn't disappointed.

SIDE NOTE: An Urbanspoon reviewer complimented Hurricane for its cleanliness. On that I concur, for the dining area is very well kept and about as clean as an East Memphis competitor, Bosses. However, I don't agree that the restaurant has Downtown Memphis' best wings (check out my list to see what it is).

Whenever I try wings from an unfamiliar place, I usually get the smallest amount possible. For a broad sense of the menu, I usually order half of them "hot" (aka "regular hot") and the other half honey gold. With regards to Hurricane, I got its 6 Piece Snack of drummies and flappers (what some call "party wings"), fries and Texas toast. While the honey gold portion of it had the requisite honey mustard flavor that wasn't different from most wing joints, the hot wings were another matter. Initially, the spiciness wasn't unusual, but as I ate more of them, the vinegar component of the wing sauce got my attention. It was very prominent, to the point that it might have undercut some the spiciness in the hot wings. My only gripe was that the sauce was too watery, probably from an excessive amount of vinegar. Still, despite my lips shriveling up, the wing sauce was very good and a standout in my lunch. I liked it so much that I soaked up the leftover sauce with my fries that were otherwise average. Whenever I visit again, I might try the hot wing sauce on one of Hurricane's seafood offerings such as catfish and tilapia. The wings made a great impression on me, which made me glad to visit Hurricane Wings & Things.
Well, now that I'm getting back into blogging again, I hope can stay motivated. Provided that I don't get detracted by things like "well, you know...," I should be okay. Wish me luck.

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