Bon Ton Cafe (CLOSED)

A "Ton" Of Good Stuff

A few days into the new year, I went to Bon Ton Cafe for one of its daily specials. Fortunately, my curiosity piqued because chicken and waffles was the featured entrée during the cafe's breakfast/brunch hours. I chose it on the belief that it would be as good as what I got from Alannah's Breakfast Kafé.

The chicken and waffles were really good. The "chicken" portion consisted of four fried wings on top of a Belgian waffle split four ways. While I liked them (which reminded me of Mrs. Winner's), I couldn't prevent myself from making a mess due to the wings' flaky crust. The chicken was well suited for the waffles and maple syrup, leading to a breakfast that was very satisfying. Although it wasn't as good as Alannah's, Bon Ton's chicken and waffles are definitely something to look forward to whenever it's on special.

While the chicken and waffles isn't on Bon Ton's formal menu, it has many good options to choose from. One item that I really like is Sammy's Specialty Omelet, made with egg whites and filled with fresh baby spinach, onions, roasted red peppers and feta cheese. As someone who isn't a fan of egg whites, I really liked the cheesiness of the omelet that made it very tasty. The uncaramelized red onions were a bit strong, but I won't hold that against it. The spinach and red peppers had a smaller presence but it added a nice touch to an omelet that was surprisingly good. I say this because egg whites are bland and I rarely enjoy eating them, but Bon Ton really hits the mark with this omelet. As someone who's always looking for healthy eating alternatives, Sammy's Specialty Omelet is great for keeping my cholesterol down while satisfying my appetite.
The Bon Ton Cafe has a lot of really good things to offer for those wanting breakfast, lunch or dinner. Check it out whenever you're in Downtown Memphis.

NOTE: As of now, the Bon Ton Cafe no longer operates as a restaurant serving random customers. Rather, it operates as an event venue and caterer that can be booked for private occasions. For more information on how to schedule an event there, either go to Bon Ton's website or call (901) 779-1501.


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