Jim 'n Nick's

Not Bad for a "Chain"

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Recently, I went to a Jim ‘n Nick’s for the first time and got a plate of its spare ribs. Despite all the hype that I heard about the restaurant chain, I’m giving the barbecue a “B+” for a grade. I don’t mean this as a put down, for the ribs were good (although the meat wasn’t falling off the bones), the barbecue falls short of Memphis’ elite establishments like Corky’s and Cozy Corner.

The sides were good and nice complements to the ribs. The macaroni and cheese was creamy and flat out awesome while the collard greens were decent despite lacking the smokiness that was promoted in the menu. Overall, the sides rounded out a nice barbecue dinner that left me full and happy.

Jim 'n Nick's also serves North Carolina-style barbecue that uses vinegar instead of a sauce. North Carolina-style pulled prtk from Jim 'n Nick'sTo be honest, I wasn't impressed with it because it added little to my meal. In eating it with pulled pork, needed two cups of vinegar (one to pour on the meat, the other for dunking) to make it somewhat interesting. If I ever order this style of barbecue again, it will be from a genuine North Carolina BBQ joint who I hope will offer something better.

Compared to other restaurant chains, Jim ‘n Nick’s is a cut above most in terms of barbecue. Although it isn’t the best barbecue you can find, it’s good enough to satisfy the cravings of a suburbanite who wants to dine out close to home. So if you’re not a barbecue aficionado, Jim ‘n Nick’s should be good enough for you.

Website: JimNNicks.com

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