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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Majestic Grille

Simply the Best!

Of all the restaurants in Memphis, The Majestic Grille is by far my favorite restaurant, and I like it because of the great atmosphere, excellent service and the enormous variety of the menu. Among the many favorites that I like are the shrimp and scallop linguine and the grilled artichoke flatbread (this is what some would call a pizza). Most of the time when I go there, it is for Sunday Brunch that is extremely delicious. In fact, I have yet to encounter anything on the menu that I didn't like, which is why The Majestic Grille is my favorite among favorites.
With so many great items on the menu, trying to write about all of them would be akin to writing a novel, however I will point out two items that I like the best. One of them is the bone-in rib eye steak that I order medium rare. It is sixteen ounces of tender, marinated juiciness served up with either Parmesan fries, mashed potatoes or another vegetable (I usually opt for the mashed potatoes). From eating this steak, I have come to appreciate good quality steaks that don't require steak sauce. In the past, here was a running joke there for awhile about me putting Heinz 57 on my steaks, because I was the only using it. Lisa the bartender kept a bottle of the sauce behind the bar and labeled it "Ken's Ketchup." Fortunately, I have learned that good steaks don't need condiments for enhancement. Anyway, I like the Majestic's steaks so much that I often order a steak meal during Sunday Brunch, such as the Steak and Eggs that comes with a mix of potatoes and red and green peppers (I believe that steak weighs ten ounces, although bigger cuts are available by request). As far as steaks go, there may be only a handful of restaurants that make a better steak than the Majestic, and fewer that can serve it up in a classy environment that has jazz music playing (often performed by a live band) and a silent movie displayed on the restaurant's back wall that is a nice homage to the famed movie theater, Majestic No. 1, that originally occupied the restaurant's current location.
For those on a budget, getting the Famous Grilled Cheese sandwich is a great deal, for you get a quality gourmet sandwich for about the same price as a foot-long sub at a place like Subway or Quiznos. Made with aged sharp cheddar, bacon, tomato and Creole mustard and accompanied by Parmesan fries, it is probably the best grilled cheese sandwich I have ever tasted. I particularly like the mustard, an unconventional ingredient but it really accentuates the sandwich's flavor. Of course, the credit for this and the many other wonderful menu choices (such as its fabulous cheeseburger that ranks #23 on my best burger list) can be attributed to restaurant's brilliant master chef and co-owner, Patrick Reilly. Kudos also go to Patrick's wife and co-owner Deni for marketing the many fine qualities of The Majestic Grille that makes it stand out among the many fine restaurants in Downtown Memphis.
In writing this review, I hope I don't sound biased for I always try to call it as I see it, which has upset people in the past. That said, I have dined at The Majestic Grille from their beginning, and I have NEVER had a bad experience. Thanks to the efforts of the Reillys and the restaurant staff, The Majestic Grille is one of finest restaurants in Memphis that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a great dining experience that is first class.


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