Burly's Burgers Fries & Shakes (CLOSED)

So Far, So Good

I recently got around to trying a couple of Burly's Burgers, and from what I could ascertain, the burgers are tasty. My first burger was the Burly Heat Burger, consisting of mayo, spicy mustard, pepper jack cheese, jalapeƱos, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and onions on top of a seasoned Black Angus beef patty. Despite all the spicy ingredients, no one element dominated and the flavor was spicy yet not overwhelming. Along with average tasting French fries, the burger combo was pretty good.The second burger that I had was the signature Burly Burger, which is nothing more than a typical cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, onions and mayo. When I ordered mine (the order taken by "Burly" himself, who seems like a nice guy), some miscommunication must have occurred because in getting a "plain" burger, it came with nothing more than cheese. As it turned out, that may have been a good thing because I was able to savor the meat without any distractions. In my opinion, the burger's seasoning, which I believe consists of at least black and red peppers, was superb and nicely complemented the medium well-done (with a little bit of pink) beef patty. In all, the burger was a pleasure to eat.
The only complaint that I have about both burgers was that it didn't completely satisfy my appetite. After eating both burgers, I found myself craving for more food. Now this is subjective to my calorie needs and by no means a negative against Burly's, for others could eat what I did and be completely full. However, compared to other burger establishments (Kooky Canuck in particular), Burly's falls short in appetite satisfaction for me.
Overall, Burly's Burgers Fries & Shakes is a nice little burger joint that serves good burgers, based on what I had so far. Are they the best burgers in Memphis? Nope. Are they the best in Downtown Memphis? Nope. However, Burly's can hold its own with most restaurants in town with both its burgers and friendly service. I hope the restaurant succeeds for I look forward to visiting this place often.

Website: www.BurlysBurgers.com
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