KFC (Midtown)

Needs Better Management

Recently, my mom and I attempted to order the 7-piece value meal with a mix of grilled and Original Recipe chicken at 8:30 on a Tuesday evening. The woman who took my order told me that it would take five minutes to cook the grilled chicken. However, after waiting fifteen minutes, the shift manager told me that due to a mix-up, our order was given to someone else who had waited sixteen minutes for his order and that we had to wait an additional twelve minutes for ours. The shift manager explained that because the woman working the take-out window and the person manning the in-store counter weren't on the same page with regards to the two orders, our order got lost in the mix (doesn't make sense in my opinion). After the shift manager left, we waited over twenty minutes before our order finally came out. To compensate us for our long wait, we were given coleslaw and a free complimentary meal for our next visit, although I would've liked to have gotten a discount on the order we placed that night. According to my mom, she had other bad experiences there, including long waits when she goes there after Memphis Grizzlies games (can't see why management can't get a game schedule and prepare accordingly). It seems to me that the shift manager is inept in performing her job which is having a detrimental effect on how that particular KFC franchise is perceived. Although my mom said she will no longer go to that KFC store, I might continue to patronize the place. However, unless the management gets better, I'll probably get most of my fried/grilled chicken at the Schnucks Supermarket that is up the street from this place.

By the way, the grilled chicken is among the best I ever tasted, although it's not worth a nearly hour wait.

Website: www.KFC.com

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  1. The following is a series of tweets between the general manager (@HeavyW8Champ) and I:

    @HeavyW8Champ - @kensfoodfind I happened upon your review on Urbanspoon and as the General Manager of that restaurant I would like to apologize for your exp

    @HeavyW8Champ - @kensfoodfind There is no excuse for us to be unprepared at any moment esp after @memgrizz games. I have season tix. I was the gentleman in the truck in front of you when you pulled up to the window. I spoke with the mgr at that point. I once again apologize. (This is two tweets combined as one).

    @kensfoodfind - @HeavyW8Champ I sure that you & your staff are doing its best. W/grilled chicken being new, I hope that it can be integrated into the menu

    @kensfoodfind - @HeavyW8Champ If you took a survey, I believe that many in #Midtown prefers grilled chicken, particularly the health conscious. Good luck!

    @HeavyW8Champ - @kensfoodfind The grilled chicken is here to stay!