Brother Juniper's College Inn

Reigniting The Past

In an effort to reminisce the past, I revisited a place that I used to frequent often. With it being so close to work, I regularly stopped by Brother Juniper's College Inn for breakfast. Usually, I would order one of its many popular omelets that the inn offers. Although I liked most of them, they never inflamed a passion for Brother Juniper's. However, I recently had an omelet that really fired me up.

The Fireman is a spicy open face omelet that will get your attention. The heat derives from peppery stuff like Chorizo sausage & hot sauce, jalapeños and scallions (aka "green onions") that make the omelet spicy while not burning your mouth. Add the milder toppings of sautéed tomatoes and cheddar & Mozzarella cheeses, and the result is an omelet with vibrant flavors. The accompanying cheese grits is a good match for the open face omelet, for it blends well with nearly everything on it. Overall, The Fireman is a great omelet that I look forward to having again.
I am glad that I returned to Brother Juniper's after a far too long absence. I will definitely return to get another Fireman and the warm hospitality that comes with it. It won't be easy because the restaurant is far away from the routes that I take to work (going from Midtown to Downtown). The problem can get worse by the inn's occasional long wait times that are potentially longer on weekends (thirty minutes or more). Hopefully, I will do my best to find the time to enjoy another spicy omelet from Brother Juniper's. It's worth the effort.


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