Chiwawa (CLOSED)

A New "Dog" On The Block

Several weeks ago, I stopped by ¡Chiwawa! for both dinner and to see one of my favorite bartenders. While I missed out on seeing Kyla (who also is a former Flying Saucer Girl), I still managed to have a great time at the Overton Square restaurant.

From left: The Chubby Vegetarian, Pollotillo and Taco de Pescado

For starters, I got three tacos that I randomly chose. While I liked all of them, the one that stood out was The Chubby Vegetarian, named after a prominent Memphis blogger. Consisting of panko-crusted fried avocados topped with cabbage, pico de gallo, candied lime, cilantro, and chipotle aioli that are wrapped around a corn tortilla, the taco has a light crispness with quite a bit of zesty flavor. The restaurant cooks the avocados in canola oil so there isn't anything about the taco that's unhealthy. At $5, the taco is more expensive than average but is well worth it. The other tacos (the Pollotillo (chicken) and the Taco de Pescado (fish)) were also good, but it takes a back seat to the "Chubby". I'm not sure if I can clarify it as genuine Mexican cuisine, but The Chubby Vegetarian is great comfort food for almost any occasion.

After finishing the tacos, I had some hunger left in me. To satisfy it, I got the restaurant's signature Chiwawa Dog. The best part about this hot dog is the quality of the bacon-wrapped beef frank that is a cut above the average wiener. Other than Cafe Eclectic, I don't know of a many places that use gourmet-quality meats in its hot dogs. Combine that with toppings such as avocado, salsa fresca, sour cream, and Valentina hot sauce, for a really good "¡perro caliente!" that's worth every cent of its cost ($7).

SIDE NOTE: Cafe Eclectic, with entrées like its Wonder Dog, provide more bang for the buck. For less than seven dollars, a person can get one of the cafe's hot dogs with a side item like its Roasted Taters. I hope I'm not putting a sour note on the Chiwawa Dog, but I felt that it needed mentioning.

In the end, my dinner at ¡Chiwawa! was a very pleasant experience because of the good food it serves. Speaking of service, the not-Kyla bartender treated me well by satisfying all my wants and needs. She even provided free coffee to perk me up while I sat at the bar. All around, ¡Chiwawa! is a really nice restaurant that's well suited for anyone who loves good food in a cozy environment (which includes a huge outdoor patio) in the heart of Midtown Memphis.


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