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Getting Back To Normal

Memphis Sands, a lager from Wiseacre Brewing CompanyIn a first for for this blog, I want to talk about a craft beer that is, for the most part, "normal." Recently, while at Wiseacre's taproom, I came across a beer that wasn't loaded with hops or any of the other "crafty" stuff that's unfamiliar to the average American beer drinker. It's a German Helles lager that's both distinctive and familiar, meaning that while isn't interchangeable with a Bud Light or a Pabst Blue Ribbon (although the Sands is a slightly more robust (as in hoppy) version of a PBR; the flavor is very close to the Kona Longboard Island Lager), the malty flavor of the Memphis Sands is unique but still falls within the norms of what most expect in a beer. By the way, this is not a put down of craft beer in general or any of Wiseacre's other brews like the hoppy pilsner Tiny Bomb, the Ananda (an IPA) or the Gotta Get Up To Get Down, a coffee milk stout that might be hip with a lot of millennials (and tasted great with a maple doughnut cheeseburger that I had at LBOE). However, for middle age guys like myself, I would rather "get down" with a normal, decent tasting beer that I can chill out with. On that note, the Memphis Sands (like the local aquifer it's named after) is perfect.

NOTE: Because of Wiseacre's limited brewing capacity, finding a grocery store that carries the Memphis Sands might prove difficult. After searching for it in places like Cash Saver, Raffe's Deli and other beer-friendly stores, I eventually bought a case directly from the brewer at Wiseacre's Tap Room.

Memphis Sands, a lager from Wiseacre Brewing CompanyGoing into 2018, I want to get back to normal in blogging about food and anything related to that (including an occasional blog post about beer, wine or any other alcoholic beverage). Although blogging is a hobby, I still feel that it's my mission to highlight restaurants that are noteworthy and point out places that most aren't familiar with (including restaurants in the "hood" and other undesirable places). Unfortunately, I've had a lot of distractions that kept me from blogging (along with a scarcity of cash), but I hope to recommit to Ken's Food Find as a way of getting back to normal. With new restaurants like The Dirty Crow Inn, The Vault and Hopdoddy Burger Bar opening (along with Hattie B's expanding into Memphis), it's time for me to get back into the game.

Also Downtown

Recently, Wiseacre also opened a taproom in Downtown Memphis at 398 S. B.B. King Blvd. Unlike its first location, the downtown taproom has a more chic and colorful look that aims to be a nightspot competing with those in the South Main Arts District. It looks cool!

Wiseacre Brewing Comapny Taproom - Downtown Memphis

Wiseacre Brewing Comapny Taproom - Downtown Memphis

Wiseacre Brewing Comapny Taproom - Downtown Memphis

NOTE: Recently, the Downtown taproom started serving food. Whenever I can get to it, I will update this post to include a food review.

Website: WiseacreBrew.com

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