Last Burger?

I recently found out that LBOE (acronym for "Last Burger On Earth"), the burger bar near Overton Square, will close its doors on June 13, 2021. The restaurant, which opened in 2014, has been through a lot during its lifetime, including a fire in 2016 and dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Despite those obstacles, LBOE did its best to persevere and was very popular with burger lovers and others who love great food. The highlight of its success is winning the Best Burger title at the 2017 World Food Championships with The Benedict Burger. The restaurant that previously was The Dublin House will transition to a TJ Mulligan's location later in the month. From what one of the servers told me, all the staff will be retained so there will be consistency from that standpoint. Still, it will be sad to see it go like many other restaurants that recently bit the dust from a bad economy caused in part by COVID-19. So as the restaurant enters its waning days, I want to reminisce about some of its best burgers.

The Luther Burger from LBOE

By far, LBOE's most famous burger is The Luther, a decadent mix of some of my favorite things. At the center is a beef and pork sausage patty that's topped with American cheese, a fried egg and a glazed maple bacon doughnut from Gibson's Donuts. Far from being the healthiest thing that one could eat, the combination of maple syrup, bacon, sugar and egg yolk along with the meat was very satisfying. Although the doughnut was very dominant, I could still appreciate the tastiness of the meat (cooked "medium") and the overall quality of the cheeseburger. While I won't say it's the best burger I had, it is definitely one of the most unique (and not my first "doughnut" burger; that experience was at the now-closed Oshi Burger Bar). Overall, it's a great burger and one of LBOE's best that you won't get to experience because it is only offered on the first Sunday of the month. By the time I hit the "publish" button to post this review, The Luther will be a distant memory of a bygone era.

SIDE NOTE: Wiseacre's Gotta Get Up To Get Down. Photo taken from Taphunter.comIf you find another restaurant that serves a maple doughnut burger, pair it with a coffee stout like Wiseacre's Gotta Get Up To Get Down. While other beer types might be okay, I don't believe it's as good a match as a beverage that's based on what most people drink with doughnuts.

As you can see in the picture above, I got the loaded tater tots with my Luther burger. Topped with cheese, bacon and scallions, the tater tots are a decent side item with a typical burger but contrasts with sweeter foods like The Luther. Given how the cheese hardened during my meal, I probably wouldn't order it as an appetizer or a snack. With the hardened cheese making the tater tots clumpy, separating and eating them would be a chore. If I had to do it again, I would order The Luther with plain, "unloaded" French fries. The loaded tater tots are somewhat okay if you like cutting your way through cheese.

The LBOE Burger

Although The Luther is no longer an option, there are many other burgers to choose from LBOE's menu. One of them is the restaurant's signature cheeseburger, the LBOE Burger. At first glance, the burger seems ordinary in appearance, showing the meat, cheese (Havarti, roasted garlic cream cheese) and bacon in a ciabatta bun. The surprise came at the first bite that was crunchy. Judging from the taste, I knew something was familiar about it although I didn't see it when I looked into the burger. Turns out that corn chips are also one of the toppings in the burger, something that really stands out. Eating the mix of beef, corn chips, green chilies and cheese felt more like a Taco Bell meal but in a good way. That said, the LBOE Burger gets a thumbs up from me for both uniqueness and quality. While it doesn't measure up to The Luther, I recommend the LBOE Burger along with the many other outstanding burgers offered at the Last Burger On Earth.

I want to close by saying that I regret not eating there often, for I missed out on some great burger experiences. With so many options in just Overton Square alone for burgers, it's easy to overlook great restaurants like LBOE. I hope the restaurant gets a great send-off in its final week as its customers and fans show their love and appreciation for the burger joint. Maybe in the future, LBOE could come back as a food truck or maybe open in another location if someone steps up to buy the rights to the restaurant. Regardless of what happens next, I wish LBOE farewell and good luck in whatever the future holds for it.


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