Kickin' Chicken

It's not often that I focus on one particular item when reviewing a restaurant, but I am really impressed with the chicken dishes at Gulf Coast-themed Mortimer's. Primarily, I love the chicken tenders that are heavenly good and a favorite when I dine at the restaurant. However, I discovered that Mortimer's, while not on par with restaurants like Gus's or Uncle Lou's, has a chicken menu that can more than hold its own with some of the best restaurants in Memphis. Although I tend to lean more to beef (as in steaks) as my preferred source for protein, I don't mind gnawing on tasty chicken whenever I get the chance.

Before I start talking about Mortimer's delicious fried chicken, I want to give a shout out to one of the restaurant's other chicken entrées. The Chicken Beauregard, one of Mortimer's signature dishes, is grilled chicken smothered in Monterey Jack and Parmesan cheeses and covered with sautéed shrimp, mushrooms, crawfish and scallions. A uniquely tasty dish, the Chicken Beauregard has a bit of Gulf Coast flair emanating from the medley of seafood that jazzes up the flavorful chicken. With the melted cheese holding everything together and providing immense flavor to the entrée, the overall taste of the Chicken Beauregard is excellent. Although chicken tenders will be my primary go-to meal at Mortimer's, the Chicken Beauregard is a nice diversion on days when I'm craving something different.

Best Chicken Tenders in Memphis?

It's not often that I write about "bar food" or appetizers, but I am really impressed with the chicken tenders at Mortimer's. Unlike many restaurants that don't rise above average, Mortimer's chicken tenders is superb in terms of seasoning and crispiness. Compared with chicken joints like Jack Pirtle's and national chains like KFC, Mortimer's more than holds its own in cooking chicken. What's really impressive is the tenders' texture, for every tender that I've had is crispy, juicy and, well, tender. While I will stop short of proclaiming that Mortimer's has Memphis' best chicken tenders, you'll be hard pressed to find anything better.

SIDE NOTE: While the chicken tenders are extremely good on their own, they are even better when it's dipped in blue cheese. YUM! 😊

Cornbread sticks from Mortimer's in Memphis, TN
In addition to side items like fries and vegetables that accompany most Mortimer entrées, the restaurant offers bread options. I highly recommend the corn bread, a collection of sweet-tasting sticks of baking perfection. The corn bread sticks have a nice buttery taste that is delicious! I believe the restaurant uses the same recipe as The Little Tea Shop, a charming place and Downtown Memphis legend that I hope will open its doors again in the future, barring any pandemics. And even if it doesn't reopen, it's good to know that its legacy lives on with Mortimer's delicious cornbread sticks.

Good Enough

For those looking for traditional fried chicken, Mortimer's got your hookup, on Tuesdays. As an option for one of its daily lunch specials, diners can choose either "dark" or "white meat for the entrée. Because the chicken tenders typically come from the breast, I walked on the dark side by getting a thigh and a leg. Compared to the tenders, the "dark" pieces weren't as juicy even though the breading had the same tastiness as the chicken tenders (it's also very flaky, as greasy crumbs sprinkled on my clothes). Overall, the fried chicken was good and (with fries and collard greens) made for a nice meal, but it didn't impress me as much as Mortimer's tenders. Still, the fried chicken holds its own with most restaurants and is one of Mortimer's best menu choices.

Although this review is focused on chicken, Mortimer's offers a lot of great stuff if you're looking for a great meal. Whether you're looking to satisfy your Gulf Coast taste with the Snapper Pontchartrain or grabbing a tasty Stuffed Burger, you're likely to leave Mortimer's very satisfied.


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